Oilfield Detonating Cord
1.4S Air Shippable Detonating Cord Package


A proprietary packaging system has been developed for both Perfacord RDX and HMX textile detonatingcords. This package allows 500 feet of either RDX or HMX detonating cord to be shipped in a 1.4S ratedpackage. This shipping classification will allow rapid worldwide shipment to remote locations where wellservicing operations are being undertaken.

The packaging method winds the detonating cord in a series of loops on a foamed EPS sheet. At the baseof each loop a molded severance block is attached to the two ends of detonating cord. If one strand ofdetonating cord were to be initiated, the severance block will focus the detonation pressure wave and severthe adjacent detonating cord strand prior to the detonating shock wave traversing the loop. This patented technique insures that only a minimal amount of detonating cord will detonate in the event of anaccidental initiation.


Compact packaging method allows shipping 500 feet of RDX or HMX detonating cord in a 1.4S package.

The packaging method does not employ sharp bends that make the cord more difficult to load into a gun system if the cord remains in the package for an extended time.

Inclusion of 500-foot plastic reel and fiberboard box allows respooling the detonating cord onto a denser package for magazine storage at the ultimate destination.

Patents:  The severance block and packaging method are covered under the following patents:
United States: US 7,410,049
Europe: EP 1,508,769
Canada: 2,478,444
Shipping Classification: Components, explosive train, n.o.s.
UN 0384,    1.4S     EX-2003080150
Box Dimensions:  33" L x 20" W x 19" H (6.95 cu ft)
Package Weight 48 lbs. (21.77 Kg) N.E.Q. 2.6 Kg
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