Oil and Gas Well Application

Description: HMX explosive core
Shrink resistant braid (yellow)
Nylon jacket, High Flexibility (green)
Application: Special process Detotec 80 HMX PERFACORD® designed for use in "High Shot Density" perforating systems where charge interference may be of concern. This product employs "shrinkage resistant" construction materials with a higher nominal velocity of detonation (+ 13% nominal) than the standard HMX cord. A more flexible nylon jacket facilitates easier installation in the newer combination (wireline or TCP) high shot density systems that employ significant charge alignment deviations. Recommended service applications are within the normal HMX operating range (see graph). The use of this product, exposed to well bore conditions, is not recommended. Users must satisfy themselves as to a product's suitability for an exposed application.
Explosive Core Load: 80 gr/ft nominal (17.00 g/m)
  75 gr/ft min. (15.96 g/m)
Detonation Velocity: 7,850 m/s nominal (25,755 ft/s)
  7,500 m/s min. (24,600 ft/s)
Diameter: 0.210 inches nominal (5.33 mm)
+/- 0.008 inches
___ 0.218" (5.54 mm)
___ 0.202" (5.13 mm)
Shrinkage: 1% Max. @ 325°F 24 Hrs
Jacket Thickness: 0.008" min.
Lap Joint Sensitive: Yes
Temperature resistance is based upon the manufacturer's laboratory tests in air at ambient pressure only. No claim, representation, or warranty of any kind is made, expressed or implied, as to the temperature resistance of this product under actual conditions. Users must satisfy themselves as to a product's suitability for a specific application.
Shrinkage is defined as core "pull-back" inside the outer jacket.
Velocity was tested unconfined, at ambient pressure, and after "cool down".

Warning: Use of this product by persons who lack adequate training experience and supervision may kill or injure.

Application Recommendations

This product is not recommended for exposure to well bore fluids.
NEVER use PERFACORD® 80 HMX LS XHV in exposed well bore conditions.
ALWAYS cut PERFACORD® 80 HMX LS XHV detonating cord with a sharp knife.
NEVER attempt to cut PERFACORD® 80 HMX LS XHV detonating cord with a blow from a sharp or blunt object, such as an axe, pipe wrench, or rock.
NEVER saw PERFACORD® 80 HMX LS XHV detonating cord; it may explode and kill or injure.
NEVER cut detonating cord with devices that produce metal-to-metal contact, such as scissors, wire cutters, crimpers or similar instruments.



Detotec PERFACORD® must be shipped, stored, and handled in accordance with all federal, state,
provincial and local laws. Recommended shelf life under proper storage conditions is ten (10) years from date of manufacture. Use older inventory first.

Detotec PERFACORD® must be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, licensed storage magazine for
maximum shelf life.

Shipping Information
Package Size: 10 9/16" x 10 9/16" x 5 5/16" 4G fiberboard box
Package wt:   10.5 lbs (4.8 Kg) gross
Contents:   1-500 ft. spool & "Warnings/Instructions/Disclaimer" insert. 500 ft. spools may contain as many as four (4) pieces, totaling 500 ft.(152.4m), with a minimum splice/piece length of 50 ft.
UN Name:   Cord, Detonating
UN Num.:   0065
UN Class:   1.1D
Ref. Num.:   EX-2005100220
Explosive wt:   5.7 lbs (2.6 Kg)
Alternate packaging:   PERFAPACK® 1.4S air cargo shipping containers
Product Code:   80H312A
Components, Explosive Train, N.O.S., 1.4S UN0384 II EX 2003080150
pvTT 0812
PvTT 17808
PvTT 180/08


Because these products are used under varying conditions over which Detotec has no control the products described herein are sold by Detotec without warranty, express or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and/or any other warranty. Under no circumstances shall seller be liable for damages for loss of anticipated profits, consequential damages, incidental damages or losses or damages to persons or property arising from the use of its products.

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